Creative Asset Management, Inc. announces the CAM1 Momentum Forex Expert Advisor

Welcome to Managed Forex Advisors! The LAST Expert Advisor you will ever need.

We have developed a series of proprietary decision-making tools to identify trading opportunities in the global currency markets that are designed to perform across diverse market environments. The process uses a systematic technical strategy incorporating a series of proprietary trading algorithms operating over multiple time-frames. The algorithms combine momentum analysis with appropriate risk management to provide the best risk to reward ratios.

Our objective is to provide you with the best performing Expert Advisor to achieve superior returns on invested capital. This allows you, the trader, a complete hands free experience in Forex trading. Simply choose your risk tolerance settings and check in with your MT4 platform once a day to make sure it's running.

Not only do we provide you with the best Expert Advisor on the market today, we provide you with superior customer support and training. Just visit our contact page for the best ways to reach us and get superior customer service for any questions you may have. Unlike many of the fly-by-night EA "snake-oil" salesmen, we actually provide a phone number so you can speak to a real human being who has intimate knowledge of the program as opposed to a faceless "Live Chat" noobie that will have someone get back to you.

Managed Forex Expert Advisor Recommended Minimum Starting Capital

For clients with 50:1 Leverage
Recommended Minimum Starting Capital: $2,500 USD

For clients with 200:1 Leverage and higher
Recommended Minimum Starting Capital: $500 USD

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CAM1 Momentum Forex Expert Advisor


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